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Buy to Let

Speak with us today about your next high yielding property investment.

Dreambricks Property Solutions finds below market value properties for investors and bring them to life. We source, plan, project manage and market properties giving a fantastic return.

At the moment banks are paying interest rates of 0.1% per annum, below we detail how we find properties which beat the bank every time!

  • Locate a property we can buy Below Market Value (BMV), add value to or both. This would be in an area of proven rental demand, attractive to long term tenants.
  • Calculate all costings including refurbishment, stamp duty and any other fees due.
  • Have our in house multi-skilled trade teams carry out a refurbishment to a budget conscious but high standard.
  • Assist you in marketing the property for a sale for a quick profit or...
  • Use the increased value of the property (after refurbishment) to obtain a Buy To Let Mortgage against 75% of its new value.
  • Let the property normally for a passive income whilst paying the mortgage and with a lettings agent to manage it.
  • The ability to use leverage for long term capital gains. If you own a property worth £100k with a deposit of £25,000 and the value increases by 25%, that £25000 increase turns your equity from £25,000. to £50,000.


What Does HMO Stand For?

HMO stands for houses in multiple occupation or houses of multiple occupancy. This type of housing is also called a multi-let.

Generally, an HMO is any property which is tenanted by three or more people who are not a family where there are shared facilities such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Most investors know that HMOs can make superb investments. They give rental yields that can't be achieved with standard buy-to-lets and in the right areas, the demand for affordable, flexible housing as offered by multi-let properties has never been higher.

With the addition complexities surrounding HMOs such as:

  • Licensing
  • Planning
  • Amenities
  • Identifying areas of suitable demand
  • Conversion & refurbishment

They can be a more complicated investment type than standard buy-to lets, as such we can assist you in every aspect:

  • Identifying suitable properties for refurbishment or conversion
  • Gaining planning permission or submission or permitted development (to a 6 bed HMO max).
  • Carrying out all internal reconfiguration including loft conversions, addition of en-suites and extensions to create additional bedrooms etc
  • Liaising with building control to satisfy all relevant standards are met.
  • Dressing the property to create a wonderful new home
  • Marketing the property and liaising with select agents to quickly tenant your property.

Land & Conversions

Gaining planning permission often involves considerable local knowledge, strong working relationships and lots of experience. Sorting out each aspect of the due diligence required for a development project be it a new build or conversion can be surprisingly complex and time consuming. Here’s how we can assist:

Do you wish to convert a house, commercial building etc to multiple residential units? Or a plot of land you wish to build on? We can identify suitable sites and buildings which meet your criteria.

We examine the relevant policy documents (local plans etc), identify if any permitted development rights apply or what restrictions are in place and guide you towards a clear path on your development.

  • Identify the number of and type of units possible in your building or site.
  • Conduct a survey of the property – identify any areas where value can be added (mezzanine floors, extensions, basement conversions), highlight and document any constraints or potential issues.
  • Obtain estimates on conversion or new build costs to assist in the appraisal process
  • Applying for permission – once a viability study has been conducted, we can then apply to the relevant Local Planning authority for the relevant permissions
  • Project manage the build to successful completion (link to project management section)

Project Management & Construction

Our Construction Project Management work includes all types of building work including basements, major structural remodelling, full house refurbishments, extensions, bungalow conversions, HMO refurbishments and conversions, commercial to residential flat conversions and new builds. If you are considering, or have started any type of residential building work, we can help you. Our project management services are offered throughout the country where we have excellent relationships with contractors.


Preparing projects for building work takes time, effort, experience and resources. It’s a crucial stage of any project, no matter how you intend build your project. The more preparation carried out at the pre-construction stage the better placed you will be for a project to be executed efficiently during the build. We can help you at any stage of your project, this includes:

  • Planning permissions
  • Introductions to relevant professional services
  • Liaising with utility companies (if additional connections are needed)
  • Liaising with planning officers, building control and heritage officers (if needed)
  • CDM
  • Managing the design
  • Competitive tenders and appointment of a contractor.

Project Management

All building projects need management, we are independent project managers providing support and project direction for our Clients. Throughout our experience of working on all types of residential building projects we have provided tailored and flexible project management and project supervision services for homeowners and investors alike. We endeavour to provide you with exactly the right level of support to ensure you project is completed to your satisfaction.

Contract Administration

This is the Financial Management of the project which involves agreeing builders payments and advising Clients and or Lenders, agreeing work variations and associated costs, agreeing terms with suppliers, maintaining a master financial document and closing out the final account with the Principal Contractor (Lead Builder).

Post Construction

Reaching the end of a project is always rewarding. We ensure that the project is finished to a high standard and to our Clients exact requirements.

  • Hand over to Client
  • Certificates (Building Control, Structural Warranty)
  • Final financial account with the Contractor
  • Defects period and repairs
  • Retention fund management