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Benefits of selling a parcel of land to a developer



Benefits of selling a parcel of land to a developer


If you are a homeowner, and own surplus land near your house, your options for selling or developing that land are numerous. You could develop the land yourself, but this can be very time consuming and costly if you are not experienced in property development.

You could sell the land for profit, depending on how much you paid for it in the first place. You can do this by selling it wholesale, or alternatively, split your land into parcels and sell them individually. This option provides greatest flexibility and increases profits.

Selling subdivided land parcels often brings greater value for your property than selling the plot as a whole. By assessing your land’s size and development potential, you can divide it accordingly, and usually make a good profit by selling it on to interested developers.


  1. Owners land and house outlined in RED.


  1. Land allocated for sale in blue

  1. New house with land both split by RED boundary line

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