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Bedroom Goals!


Bedroom Goals

You can achieve a ‘WOW’ factor bedroom at a reasonable price these days and an ‘OMG’ factor bedroom with the help of an architect or interior designer for a few more extra pennies (eh-hem… pounds) of course.

But… It’s all worth it in the end!

The costs can vary depending on what you actually need from your designer, some clients have a builder on board already and require just a drawing service whereas other cleints may want a full design package with 3D visuals and even an animation.

Because bedrooms in most houses are between 8m2 – 11m2 there isn’t much scope for spatial arrangement which Is clearly visible to the untrained eye but for designers it’s another challenge to see how creative we can become.  You’d be surprised by what can be achieved!

For further information on how we can transform your bedroom into your dream room get in touch with us today – we’ll send you a reply within 48hrs.

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