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'A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish' 

Start Your Property Journey With A Set of Architectural Drawings And Get The Most Out of Your Property 

Architectural Drawings 

Builders will always need to know exactly what it is they are going to be building, the best way for them to understand this is by looking at a set of architectural drawings of your home extension, loft conversion or property renovation before they can provide you with an accurate quote.

This is where we are able to assist. Each project, will almost always involve some element of architectural design. Even if you know exactly what it is you want, there may be an element of your proposal which may conflict with your local planning authorities design criteria.

Feasibility Study

If you are unsure of what you are looking for or would like some advice on how you can maximise your property layout then we can produce a ‘Feasibility Study’ for you which will help you reach a final decision.

The feasibility study will normally consist of a set of drawings and 3D models/visuals to help you get a better understanding of how your project will look before construction works start.

Final Drawings

Once the proposed drawings are complete we will then send the client a copy for approval before sending them off to the local authority, if required. 

All of our drawings meet both the local planning authority and building regulations standards.   

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