Planning to convert or Re-Model your property?

Phase 1 - Consultation 

Help us to get a better understanding

This document will give you a very brief bit informative insight into what the expect on your architectural journey.  It's pretty simple (says the guy that does it every day) but if you do get stuck with anything or aren't quite sure what the next stage is then just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Phase 2 - Proposal

The Proposal

Your architectural proposal is tailored to your exact requirements based on our initial consultation.

It will detail our approach, what your project requires in terms of regulations and consents, time-scales, fees and other important information.

Phase 3 - Measured Survey

Visiting Your Property

Measured surveys are carried out Mon -Sat and can be arranged for outside of working hours.

Depending on the type of proposal will determine which type of survey will need to be carried out, this will be included in your 'architectural proposal' but from experience we usually go with the following timescales;

Terraced House -1.5 -2hrs

Semi Detached House -1.5 -2.5hrs

Detached House -2 -4hrs

The proposal will also mention which are of the house we will need to survey .

Phase 4 - Architectural Design

Commencement of Design

Each project will involve an element of architectural design, even if you know exactly what it is you want , we may have to design out any of your requirements which may not meet the local authorities criteria.

Phase 5 - Planning Applications

Does your project require


Once all drawings have been completed and approved by the client then your proposal can move onto the planning drawing pack.

If your project does not require planning then you would go straight through to the building regulations stage.

Phase 6 - Building Regulations

Ready for Construction ?

Before any building works are to commence an application to building control must be made.

A construction drawing pack suitable for building regulations will be required from building control along with a set of structural calculations.